Friday, December 30, 2011

New Discovery, Ties with Daniel Boone

I got a new e-reader for Christmas, so now I can sit in my recliner with my dogs and read more. I have tons of books I've downloaded from Google Books, but it's been hard to balance a lap top with a lap full of Beagles, they are so snuggly. So with the new electronic reader, I downloaded some new books, and for whatever reason, I found a few about Daniel Boone that sounded like would be fun reading. Just a few pages in I saw something I had to look into. The book named Boone's mother, Sarah Morgan, and mentioned they were thought to have been Quaker. That's all I had to read. I left the comfort of my recliner and came back to my desk and looked into the ancestry of Daniel Boone for more details. I already know that the Morgan line on my maternal grandmother's side was Quaker. I visited the grave of one while I was back in Kansas last summer.
I did find what I was looking for, dug out my relationship chart and discovered that Daniel Boone is/was my 1st Cousin 8 times removed! It was more cool news to share with the family. Sarah Morgan's brother John was my 7th great grandfather, and Daniel Boone's Uncle. The discovery has actually helped me learn a bit more about the Morgan line and the Lloyd line.
Since this connection is on a line I have not shared here yet, and I have pretty much shared all I currently know on Grandpa's line, I think this is as good of a time as ever to share it here on my blog. I shared the information briefly on my facebook page, and already had a few friends say we are related! Even though I don't exactly know how, it makes the world seem that much smaller. I must say though, I had bigger expectations of finding that my husband was related to the Boones than myself, since his Kentucky roots are so much deeper. Who knows, maybe he is, I just don't know how yet. I did read that book some more, and saw that Wallen was one who accompanied Boone on one of his first trips into Kentucky. Wallen is one who I suspect may be an ancestor of my husband's, I have just had a very difficult time figuring out if it's true or not. That all depends on proving a marriage with an earlier ancestor, which may not be possible.
 So with all of that, I will post this, and begin the task of sharing my grandmother's ancestry, which means going back to Kansas (virtually) to get started.
Happy New Year to everyone. May the coming year be full of joy, discovery and friendships!

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