Tuesday, January 31, 2012

William Morgan and Rebecca Mills

As with the previous couple, I have not very much documentation on this one either but, also like the previous couple, most researchers seem to agree (somewhat) with dates, places and names. Until I find more records to validate dates and places, this is also incomplete data and should not be mistaken for absolute fact.

William Morgan was born about 1742. Some sources say Pasquotank, N.C., some say 1738 in Frederick, Virginia. For now, I am going with the former.  he was the son of John Morgan and Sarah Lloyd.  William married Rebecca Mills  (I believe) July 10, 1760 at New Garden Monthly Meeting. I found a transcribed record online that lists the marriage as follows:
William Morgan, Roan Co., son of John of the same, m. Rebecca Mills, dt. Thomas, Roan Co., 10-7-1760 at New Garden. Wit: William Baldwin, John Mills, Hur Mills, Wm Beeson, John Hodson, Richard Beeson, Elizabeth Mills, Elizabeth Baldwin, Sarah Mills, Mary Mirphew, Phelis Baldwin, Mary Beeson.

that is from the following site: http:www.newrivernotes.com/va/swift/newgarden_marriages.html 

William Morgan died April 7, 1771 at Deep River, Guilford, N.C.
This marriage, and William's death, is also recorded in the Beals Family History (Rebecca Mills is the granddaughter of Mary Ann Beals, daughter of John Beals and Mary Jane Clayton) A PDF file can be seen and downloaded via this page for the Canaday Family. Look under the heading for Maryland Families and click on Beals to open the PDF.  This is what it says about William Morgan and Rebecca Mills:
Rebecca Mills born April 30, 1744 who married William Morgan. William died at the age twenty nine in 1771, and Rebecca then married Joseph Thornbrugh on February 5, 1778. Joseph was the son of Thomas Thornbrugh and Abigail Brown.

 Rebecca Mills was born April 30, 1744, possibly in Frederick, Virginia. I've yet to confirm the location. She was the daughter of Thomas Mills and Elizabeth Harrold.  Rebecca died September 20, 1821, in Wayne Indiana.

William and Rebecca had the following children:
  1. Reuben Morgan born December 18, 1761
  2. John Morgan born June 26, 1763
  3. *Thomas Morgan born November 7 1765 in New Garden , Guilford Co. N.C. died February 28, 1819 in Jefferson, TN. 
  4. Elizabeth Morgan born November 3, 1767 
  5. William Morgan born March 2, 1770
I have seen the birth places for most of William's children as Rowan, North Carolina, but that makes for inconsistencies with locations since I have seen Thomas (my ancestor) being born in Guilford, and I haven't really studied the locations very much yet or found records to verify locations of any of the children. So, as with te previous post, anyone researching these individuals should take this information as clues and do your own research to verify dates and locations.

Thomas Morgan and Ruth Weisner

I really don't have much on this couple. (most of this information is yet to be be confirmed, so if you are researching take this as clues and try to verify for yourself. This is just what I've seen from various rootsweb files.)

From what most researchers seem to agree on, Thomas Morgan was born November 7, 1765 in New Garden, Guildford County, North Carolina. He is the son of William Morgan and Rebecca Mills. He married Ruth Weisner November 14, 1819 in Jefferson TN.
 Ruth Weisner was born 19 September either 1767 or 1700 (I've seen both dates and haven't confirmed either) in Pasquotank, North Carolina (or Orange County, N.C.). She is the daughter of Michael Weisner and Ruth Pike. Ruth Weisner Morgan died March 19, 1816 in Lost Creek, TN.

Thomas Morgan and Ruth Weisner had the following children:
  1. *William H. Morgan born Aug 4, 1793. Died October 14, 1869
  2. Hezikiah Morgan born February 6, 1796
  3. Obediah Morgan born February 6, 1796
  4. Abigail Morgan born November 25, 1790
  5. Miriam Morgan born March 6, 1802
  6. Rebecca Morgan born October 22, 1788
One of the files I printed off says Ruth Weisner's death is recorded in the Lost Creek, TN. Monthly Meeting record/Quaker records/Hinshaw book. Thomas and Ruth death, page 1110.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

William H. Morgan and Catherine Peck

I don't seem to know a whole lot about William H. Morgan and his wife Catherine Peck. From what I have found William H. Morgan was born August 4, 1793 probably in North Carolina. He was the son of Thomas Morgan and Ruth Weisner.
William married Catherine Peck February 5, 1817. Catherine was the daughter of Peter Porter Peck and Catherine (Last name unknown). Not much of anything is known about her parents. It's another dead end.
Catherine Peck was born April 15, 1795 and died April 23, 1879.
The graves for both William and Catherine are in Ackworth, Iowa, where the family reportedly migrated after leaving Tennessee.  Their graves can be seen here along with many other family members, you can also see a photo of their church on this link.

This page on the same site has photos of some descendants of William and Catherine. I haven't figured out exactly who everyone is, it doesn't appear any are my ancestors, but they certainly are related somehow, and looking at old photos is always fun.

From what I have found so far these are the children of William and Catherine Peck Morgan:

  1. Matilda Morgan- born Dec 5, 1817. died April 20, 1855. She married James Allen
  2. Ruth Morgan- born Aug. 6, 1819 in TN. Died Dec 6, 1900. She married Jacob Beals in 1838 in Lost Creek, TN.
  3. *Elizabeth Morgan (my ancestor)- born Jan 16, 1821 in Lost Creek, Jefferson, TN. Died June 16 1890 probably in Iowa. She married Thomas Norris Allen
  4. David Morgan- born July 18, 1822. Died Dec 13, 1892. He married Lucinda Lee.
  5. Jonathan Morgan- born Mar 13, 1824 in TN. Died Mar 18, 1895. He married Jane Cuthbert.
  6. Abigail Morgan- born Dec 23, 1825 in TN. (no death date recorded right now). She married Abraham Beals.
  7. John Basil Morgan- born Sep 29, 1828 in Lost Creek, TN. Died Aug 15, 1879 in Fruitland, Kansas. He married Abigail Moore Aug 17, 1852. (I believe this is some of those pictured on the page I linked to above)
  8. Catherine Morgan- Born Apr 17, 1830 in TN. (no death date recorded). She married Frederick Smith
  9. Elisha H. Morgan- Born Jan 5, 1832 in TN. Died Sep 6, 1868 in Fruitland, Kansas. He married Eliza Jones. It appears these two are also buried in the same cemetery as his parents. 
  10. Susannah Morgan- Born Jun 17, 1833 in TN. Died Nov. 9, 1882. She married James C. Bales.
  11. Mirriam Morgan- Born Feb. 9, 1835 in TN. Died July 28, 1852. 
  12. Jeptha W. Morgan- Born Nov. 20, 1836 in Lost Creek, Jefferson, TN.  Died Jan 8, 1924 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska, Iowa. He married Arminta Canady in 1876.
  13. Rebecca Morgan- born Apr 23, 1838 in TN. Died Feb 19, 1892. She married Pleasant Jones
  14. William Morgan Jr.- born Dec 4, 1840 in TN. Died Feb 17, 1912. He married Elizabeth Carey.
That's pretty much what I have on this family group, I'm not even sure how accurate it all is.