Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thomas Morgan and Ruth Weisner

I really don't have much on this couple. (most of this information is yet to be be confirmed, so if you are researching take this as clues and try to verify for yourself. This is just what I've seen from various rootsweb files.)

From what most researchers seem to agree on, Thomas Morgan was born November 7, 1765 in New Garden, Guildford County, North Carolina. He is the son of William Morgan and Rebecca Mills. He married Ruth Weisner November 14, 1819 in Jefferson TN.
 Ruth Weisner was born 19 September either 1767 or 1700 (I've seen both dates and haven't confirmed either) in Pasquotank, North Carolina (or Orange County, N.C.). She is the daughter of Michael Weisner and Ruth Pike. Ruth Weisner Morgan died March 19, 1816 in Lost Creek, TN.

Thomas Morgan and Ruth Weisner had the following children:
  1. *William H. Morgan born Aug 4, 1793. Died October 14, 1869
  2. Hezikiah Morgan born February 6, 1796
  3. Obediah Morgan born February 6, 1796
  4. Abigail Morgan born November 25, 1790
  5. Miriam Morgan born March 6, 1802
  6. Rebecca Morgan born October 22, 1788
One of the files I printed off says Ruth Weisner's death is recorded in the Lost Creek, TN. Monthly Meeting record/Quaker records/Hinshaw book. Thomas and Ruth death, page 1110.

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