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William Morgan and Rebecca Mills

As with the previous couple, I have not very much documentation on this one either but, also like the previous couple, most researchers seem to agree (somewhat) with dates, places and names. Until I find more records to validate dates and places, this is also incomplete data and should not be mistaken for absolute fact.

William Morgan was born about 1742. Some sources say Pasquotank, N.C., some say 1738 in Frederick, Virginia. For now, I am going with the former.  he was the son of John Morgan and Sarah Lloyd.  William married Rebecca Mills  (I believe) July 10, 1760 at New Garden Monthly Meeting. I found a transcribed record online that lists the marriage as follows:
William Morgan, Roan Co., son of John of the same, m. Rebecca Mills, dt. Thomas, Roan Co., 10-7-1760 at New Garden. Wit: William Baldwin, John Mills, Hur Mills, Wm Beeson, John Hodson, Richard Beeson, Elizabeth Mills, Elizabeth Baldwin, Sarah Mills, Mary Mirphew, Phelis Baldwin, Mary Beeson.

that is from the following site: http:www.newrivernotes.com/va/swift/newgarden_marriages.html 

William Morgan died April 7, 1771 at Deep River, Guilford, N.C.
This marriage, and William's death, is also recorded in the Beals Family History (Rebecca Mills is the granddaughter of Mary Ann Beals, daughter of John Beals and Mary Jane Clayton) A PDF file can be seen and downloaded via this page for the Canaday Family. Look under the heading for Maryland Families and click on Beals to open the PDF.  This is what it says about William Morgan and Rebecca Mills:
Rebecca Mills born April 30, 1744 who married William Morgan. William died at the age twenty nine in 1771, and Rebecca then married Joseph Thornbrugh on February 5, 1778. Joseph was the son of Thomas Thornbrugh and Abigail Brown.

 Rebecca Mills was born April 30, 1744, possibly in Frederick, Virginia. I've yet to confirm the location. She was the daughter of Thomas Mills and Elizabeth Harrold.  Rebecca died September 20, 1821, in Wayne Indiana.

William and Rebecca had the following children:
  1. Reuben Morgan born December 18, 1761
  2. John Morgan born June 26, 1763
  3. *Thomas Morgan born November 7 1765 in New Garden , Guilford Co. N.C. died February 28, 1819 in Jefferson, TN. 
  4. Elizabeth Morgan born November 3, 1767 
  5. William Morgan born March 2, 1770
I have seen the birth places for most of William's children as Rowan, North Carolina, but that makes for inconsistencies with locations since I have seen Thomas (my ancestor) being born in Guilford, and I haven't really studied the locations very much yet or found records to verify locations of any of the children. So, as with te previous post, anyone researching these individuals should take this information as clues and do your own research to verify dates and locations.

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