Sunday, July 1, 2012

Samuel Riggs, Continued...

I found another source with the some of the same info as the previous post, but this source is easier to read. I did a screen capture of the relevant pages and cropped them down so I could print just those pages and also find them easier in my electronic files too. For anyone interested, the PDF of this source is right here:  Illustrated Centennial Sketches, Map and Directory of Union County, Iowa Published by C.J. Colby, Creston, Iowa 1876   clicking this link will open the book in a PDF that you can read online or download. If you have any interest in Union County Iowa, I recommend checking this book out, it has wonderful illustrations of the community!
  Here I am adding images of the cover page (cute drawing!) and the pages that Samuel wrote.

Also found was this interesting little paragraph about Samuel and his cousin in The Making of Iowa by Henry Sabin and Edwin Legrand Sabin copyright 1900 (clicking link will open the book page in Google Books which is fully readable, or you can download for free) This appears on page 205. The chapter this paragraph appears in is about the Border Wars, a strip of land between Missouri and Iowa that both states claimed at the same time.

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