Monday, July 25, 2011

Motivation Monday-Help from living Family

I haven't been able to do much work on my puzzles the last few days, but I have been getting a steady stream of emails all weekend, mostly from Cousin Valerie. She's been sending me what she has found, mostly about the Fredericks/Rhinesmiths and some about the Merrions (or Marions). This group of people seem to have come to America (New Jersey) from the Germany area possibly around the French/Swiss border or likely the Rhine River area during the mid 1700's. They were part of the Iron industry that was booming there in New Jersey at the time. I printed out numerous emails and documents she sent, including some that had been shared with her by Blanche years ago, so I could sit and read them while on the road or taking it easy in the recliner. But yesterday's road trip turned out to be longer than we expected and the car doesn't have air conditioning yet. It was a hot day here in Central Kentucky, pretty much like everywhere else, so I really didn't feel like reading much. None the less, I have a challenge before me.
Then this morning when I checked my email I had another unexpected email. This one from my uncle, (my mom's brother in law). It seems he recently made a trip to Mineral Springs, Missouri. He sent me photos he had taken of the church there that Albert Duncan used to attend, and the new building that has been built next to it. He also sent several photos of graves, Albert's grave, Peter Hutsell Duncan's grave and some I had never seen before! Some are very old and hard to read, one was never really engraved, but the name and date scratched on. I belive some of these I had not seen before are descendants and not all are my ancestors, so the challenge will be sorting them out, and for some reading what the stones actually say.
Mineral Springs Baptist Church. Barry County, Missouri


  1. Sandy, you are so lucky to have relatives who send you info and photos! Two of my relatives have info but just haven't found the time to share. In the case of genealogy, there's no such thing as TMI (IMHO). Right?

  2. right! This from my uncle was a very isolated and random act. I do wish I had known in advance that he was going. I would have asked him a few favors. Finding time to share is also a common challenge for my husband's relatives. Two Heads Are Better Than One also applies, especially when trying to solve mysteries!